Romney Declares War On Teachers Unions

Just ahead of the critical vote in Wisconsin on June 5th Mitt Romney is drawing a line in the sand over education.  Union power is on the line.

Mitt Romney is correctly standing up for school choice today.

Teachers unions are singularly responsible for the decline of public education  The AFT and NEA unions have a monopoly over public schools, and that power has been horribly abused over the decades.  The result is a disaster for the public schools, taxpayers, and more importantly the kids who are ill-served by incompetent teachers protected by unions.

“Here we are in the most prosperous nation, but millions of kids are getting a Third World education. And America’s minority children suffer the most,” Romney told the Latino Coalition. Latinos say education is a bigger issue for them than immigration policy. The Democrat party is a dead-end if that is their true priority.

“President Obama has been unable to stand up to union bosses — and unwilling to stand up for kids,” Romney noting Obama places unions’ campaign donations ahead of the needs of the kids.

In the face of failing public education, Obama has called for lowering standards instead of firing incompetent teachers.    

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