Mickey, Snow White and Goofy Strike Over Pay

Trouble is brewing in Disneyland, Paris.  The 'humans' that put on the big character costumes playing the roles of Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Goofy, and Grumpy are walking off the job. The beef? Pay and sexual harassment.

It seems one of the players was recently accused of harassing a female patron.  The incident led to a firing, but the guy was brought back due to 'lack of evidence'.  The other cartoon characters disagree and insist the offender remain out of uniform and off the reservation.

The crew are also part of a French union, and as union's do, threw in pay increases for extra flavor.  None of the details are known, but is it really surprising a labor strike at a Paris Disneyland is in play?  The French work ethic is non-existent even in a place designed to give kids a little joy.  After all, labor has it's price.

‘It’s worst for the very young children who aren’t that interested in the rides,’ said Louise Scott, a mother-of-four. ‘They dream of meeting their cartoon heroes, and want to be pictured with them, but there just aren’t any around.’

The unions are adamant despite the outcry from parents who come from the UK and all around Europe to bring their kids to see their childhood fantasies in oversized glory. ‘It’s bizarre that Disneyland characters are going on strike,’ said Eileen Holmes, who was in the park with two young kids. ‘You expect to see French lorry drivers and fishermen on strike, but not cartoon characters!’

 Well, in the real world Mickey Mouse has kids to feed, and Snow White is a busy mom herself so we guess the kids eager to meet them will just have to wait for them to come back from their labor strike.