'Jesus Not A Homophobe' T-Shirt Sent Home

Some, not all Christians think gays are an 'abomination'. Some, not all gays think straights are homophobic. Some, not all liberals think right-wingers are neanderthals. Some, not all right-wingers think liberals are genetic mutants incapable of rational or logical thought.

The quiet modern age civil war is similar to the shooting civil war with all the same divisions.

The argument over church-state separation is settled in the 2nd amendment. The founders were fine with religion, and wanted it protected. Seculars assume the church will interfere with the state. Just the opposite is true,

Should a high school kid be allowed to wear a T-shirt that says 'Jesus is not a homophobe' to school?   Gay 16-year-old Maverick Couch says he should and is suing to force the issue.

Schools are not a democracy and can direct any clothing rule they choose, regardless of anyone's 'right' to express themselves.

The reason is obvious - schools are not in the business to manage contentious social debate. So the courts will side with the school, and Couch will have to wear his T-shirt at home, or later in life at a gay bar.

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