The Penis Beer Bong Is Born


A University of Georgia graduate thinks the mother of invention told him to turn his crotch into a suds spigot. Why? He says he got tired of 'sneaking' beer into football games.

So, he got to work...

The 'inventor' created a bladder bag that looks like a fanny pack. The device lays across the penis, just behind the zipper or button-fly. A small 'tap' folds from a laying position to protrude when the zipper is opened. The tap is opened, and out comes the bubbly brew spilling joyously into a cup of some kind we hope.

The entire spectacle must be done discretely of course. After all, it is still illegal to pee out in the open. So pull out the tap and pour out of sight. The laughter alone would be enough to risk discovery. So practice, practice, practice before trying this in public places.

The product is called the 'Freedom Flask' - an underwear pouch that turns your crotch into a beer dispenser.  For just $24.95 you can 'Take it anywhere! If you think it may be awkward pouring a drink from your fly – it’s not!'

Don't spill though, or your crotch will smell like the floor of a college dorm room for the rest of the day.