The Great Tax Evasion Migration

The USA is said to be a nation of immigrants. Today the country is becoming a nation of emigrants.

The mass migrations are not East to West, or from other countries. The scramble today is to find a corner of the nation where one can hide from the creeps in DC. Or leave the once coveted shores entirely.

A few states are still trying to keep the faith.  The ones developing energy - real energy, preserving original values, and creating jobs by lowering taxes and regulations.

What do Nevada, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota and of course Florida have in common?  They are balancing budgets, curtailing illegals, refusing to implement Obamacare.  States that are pro-gun, pro-life, pro-energy and making jobs.

What do California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, New Mexico and Alaska have in common?  They are losing their income makers.  These states are missing the point.  Most are raising taxes, running tons of red ink, and still welcome those looking for hand-outs not hand-ups.

There are still a few smart people left in the country, sadly, they just don't make up the majority.  Blue state bumblers and red state patriots.

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