Six-Nine Seventeen Year Old Worlds Tallest

Gigantism is abnormal growth due to runaway hormones before the bones have settled down.  Causes include neurofibromatosis or a benign tumor on the pituitary gland.  In all cases, if untreated the victims keep growing 'till early death bring the giants down.

The world's tallest teen is  Elisany da Cruz Silva a seventeen year old Brazilian amazon measuring a svelt 6ft 8in tall.  Easily able to dunk a basketball without jumping - Elisany's legs are taller than most teens.

Elisany luckily had the tumor on her pituitary removed, so her growing days are done.  And she may live to scrape her head on many a doorway if she doesn't jacknife on a short bed one day. 

Elisany is modeling already but does have a boyfriend problem.  So far she is bottom feeding by picking a local twenty-two year old 5ft 4in shrimp sized throwback named Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho.

Hey she is only seventeen folks.  All teen girls make these kinds of mistakes, even ones taller than Michael Jordan.  The pair are doomed of course.  Elisany could roll over one day and smother the luckless Francinaldo just with her hair.

Elisany Terrifies Modeling World 
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