Dying: Teen Sold Kidney For An Apple iPhone

Apple Computer is a cult not a company.

Millions buy Apple products in a trance-like way reacting to hype and buzz Apple gets free from left-wing media.

Apple makes marginal products, overpriced, allegedly using slave Chinese labor.  And now it has gone too far.

A Chinese teenager known only as 'Wang' from the poor southern province of Anhui sold a kidney to pay for an Apple iPhone and iPad — and now he’s dying from the effects of renal failure.  The boy will die because the only treatment is a kidney transplant and donors are rare and time is short.

 In all of China, about 1.5 million people are waiting and hoping to be one of the 10,000 transplant patients who get a kidney each year.  Obviously, most will die long before they get one.

Wang was paid $3,489 for selling his kidney.  The 'broker' that talked the kid into the surgery made $35,000 on the black market re-selling the organ.  iPads cost $499, iPhones $629 in the US. Five people, including a surgeon and a broker reportedly have been indicted and charged with intentional injury in the case.

Apple has no complicity of course, but given they are propped up by kids like this, it would be a grand gesture for the company to fly Wang to the US, and scour the world for a kidney.  Make sure he gets the best medical treatment possible - at least that, what do you say Apple?