Online Pedophiles Choose Victim 'within two minutes'

The internet is a massive hunting ground for pedophiles.

A troubling study from Belgium examining the logs of convicted child molesters is reveals the insects spend up to six hours a day in online 'fishing trips' where peppering hundreds of kids until they find one willing to interact with them.

The predators no longer spend time to 'groom' or convince victims to divulge their locations.  Pedophiles know there are millions of kids online so they troll for 'low fruit' by making an immediate pass at a target and if rejected or resisted, move quickly on to another one.

These animals are able to avoid detection largely because the internet is vast, and the number of online places they hunt in are many. By branching out into gaming platforms, such as Xbox Live, pedophiles have a nearly infinite place to exercise their evil.

 The best defense say researchers is 'With younger children, set up basic parental controls on all computers and don't let children under 13 join social networking sites. Additionally, 'With older children, it's important to have a dialogue with your child about potential dangers but without scaring them.'

Scaring, bullying, threatening, or simply restricting your kids will usually invite a dangerous insubordinate response. The trick is to give your kids the freedom to play, but the tools to recognize, resist and avoid an attack. Keep the lines of communication open!

(note. Pedophiles are coddled by left-wingers who view perpetrators as victims. Pedophiles are sick and not curable. Push for States to pass chemical castration, and drug therapies that neutralize their fantasies. Germany has this approach, and it works with great success.)

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