Mob Wins One In Florida As Prosecutor Folds

The mob is winning in Florida. And when the evidence is finally laid out and shows Zimmerman was the victim and not the perp, well, they may lynch him anyway.  The mob has to be fed.

Race is all the rage in the post civil rights era. The 'N' word is still around, but blacks themselves utter it the most frequently.  Black on black crime given a pass because it's all in the family, so the theory goes.

The charge of 2nd Degree Murder is a non-winnable chunk of red meat for the mob. At best, Zimmerman's self defense might be involuntary manslaughter, but murder?  My my my.

Well, at least Zimmerman can come in out of the cold now, remember, he had a bounty placed on his head - the Holder DOJ endorsed it with their silence.  Zimmerman has retained an attorney based in Orlando, and intends to enter a plea of not guilty.

Political Correctness reaches right down and buries anyone that gets between the vigilantes and thier blood lust.  Remember, if this can happen to Zimmerman, it can happen to YOU...

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