Yoda Is World's Ugliest Dog

Elwood, who is often referred to as “Yoda” or “E.T.,” competed against 13 other dogs at the Sonoma-Marin County Fair’s annual ugly dog contest in Petaluma, California

Where else would the World's Ugliest Dog contest be held, judged, and the ugly dogs found?  Sonoma-Marin California, of course, land of fruits, nuts, freaks, flakes, and all the bizarro world that left-wing central has devolved.

Elwood is the dogs name, but he goes by the nickname 'Yoda', a shocking example of a Chinese-crested Chihuahua mix - and we are talking mixed, like a pile of debris from a two-story house obliterated by a tornado is mixed.

Yoda's owner Terry Schumacher fled when she first encountered the two-pound dog abandoned behind an apartment building, guessing the animal was a rat. So naturally she couldn't look away, in fact, she just had to have him.

For Yoda, the mix of hairless ears, frizzy muddy fur, cloudy crazy eyes, and a protruding tongue were more than enough to wipe out the rest of the competition.

Yoda seemed well pleased, as he wobbled across the stage after being named, whereupon, he stumbled off the edge of the platform, thumping the ground, amid the clamoring press, and horrified onlookers.  Not to worry, Yoda was fine, and went home soon after to his bowl of ugly food, in his ugly little corner of the house, to live out his ugly days, in ugly splendor, crowned most ugly in the land of ugly.

The cruelty of nature has no bounds.