Pencil Pusher's Passions Perfect Pictorializations

Super-Realism or photo-realism is a branch of modern art. Art is not what you see, the art lies in what your unconscious perceives. More simply stated, good art evokes emotion.

Super-Realism to some may seem more like what art is supposed to be, because it depicts something they can recognize readily. That of course, is both the point and not the point. Super-Realism is what the name implies, it is more than real, beyond reality, in other words, the name is an oxymoron - Super-Realism is a reality 'not real'. Sounds like double-talk. But the point is always to manipulate your unconscious.

End of art lesson.

Artist Paul Cadden a 47-year-old, from Scotland, is a pencil photo-realist. Wow is he! Cadden takes his time, but his work is unsurpassed. Cadden creates about seven pieces each year selling at galleries for up to $7,900 each.

Cadden says 'My inspiration comes from the phrase "to intensify the normal". I take everyday objects and scenes of people and then create a drawing which carries an emotional impact - it can be quite beautiful...I try to study the internal aspect of the image rather than focusing solely on the external part. I can fall in love with an image - if that doesn’t sound too hippy.'

Paul, we are pleased you choose to share your obsessed penchant for detail with we mortals..your talent speaks for itself. Good work, man.