Most Depressing Cities In USA?

The latest research from Men's Health Magazine lists St. Petersburg, Florida as the most depressing place to live in the U.S.

Metrics include anxiety, depression, suicide and crying jags.
The rest of the top 10:

Memphis, TN
Tampa, FL
Miami, FL
Detroit, MI
Louisville, KY
St. Louis, MO
Birmingham, AL
Reno, NV
Las Vegas, NV

The happiest town?  Honolulu, Hawaii.

The big question arises, how come the sunny, playful towns in Florida don't make happy feet, while the moody, depressing weather in Nome, AK, and Seattle, WA leave people alone?  Can't be the weather.

Why, then, are these cities so blue, so down, so dysfunctional?

Notice eight of the top ten are largely populated by blacks and Hispanics - two groups most affected by drug use, poverty, illiteracy, and the struggle staying out of jail.   Reno and Vegas are in Nevada, the bottom in the economy, highest jobless rate, worst schools, and of course, run by a majority of Democrats - including Harry Reid. Tidy analysis, huh?

A plaque on the city-limit signs warning the unwary to look for bliss elsewhere seems in order.  Stay away from there - get out of there - move away, don't even THINK about going there.

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