Vegas Corruption Still Stinks Up Town

Vegas earned a tawdry reputation soon after the Mafia moved in back in the 50s and 60s.

After the Kefauver Committee came to town  dead bodies started popping up all over the desert.  Those were crazy days.

But corruption hasn't left the city.

To date four principles in the Vegas HOA Scandal, a police chief and two lawyers have 'committed suicide' after the US DOJ began peeling back the layers on the kickback scandal. Coincidence?

Lawyer David Amesbury, 57, who had cut a deal with federal investigators was found dead hanging from a self-made noose at his brother's home in California.

Lawyer Nancy Quon, 51, a construction defect attorney, committed suicide and found dead in her bathtub  at her Henderson, Nv condominium.

Also fingered was former police lieutenant Chris Van Cleef who shot himself shortly after an FBI raid.. And Robbie Castro, also an HOA board member was found dead from an apparent drug overdose in 2010.

The DOJ says starting in 2008, Amesbury and nine other defendants commandeered HOA's around the city by rigging elections and then steering legal and construction contracts to 'friendly' companies.

The investigation is still lingering