Machine 'Bump' Gun Debuts Next Month

Fully automatic machine guns firing 1000 rounds per minute are illegal.  But Texas firearm manufacturer Slide Fire invented a workaround - and it comes with an ATF certificate of legality.

The SFS BFR is fed bullets from a belt and can fire at the rate of a machine gun using a novel innovation that uses the motion of the firearm's recoil to feed bullets at an automatic and high rate.

The SFS BFR will be out next month and will set you back a cool $6,000, according to Brandon Renner, sales manager for Slide Fire.

Renner says the gun ‘sprays like a fire hose.' ‘We recommend no more than 30 rounds on the belt, but one person could make it as big as they want.’

ATF spokesman Christopher Amon, ‘I can confirm that ATF did approve the device referenced in the letter and that the Slide Fire is legal.’

What's extra fun? The company makes the 'bump' stock for a dozen other semi-automatics enabling them to fire in the same way.  Ain't that a hoot?

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