Mafia Kidnaps World's Smallest Pony

Charlie the pony stands just 24 inches short. The stunted steed was snatched from his stall in an overnight heist staged in the Umbrian town of Città di Castello, Italy.

The Carabinieri (Italian cops) think the Mafia has Charlie held for ransom.

The cops say the thieves snipped a wire fence surrounding the fair grounds where Charlie was to perform today. Under the cover of darkness, the snatchers picked up the pony and toted the tiny equestrian through an adjoining tobacco field where a getaway moped was waiting.

The President of the National Horse Show Angelo Capecci called the theft ‘a shameful act’.  The Mafia must be pretty desperate these days.  How much can you get for a pint-sized pony anyway?

Non pony countries don't have pony pilfering problems, but then kids living in those countries can't go for pony rides, either.