Frightening Freakish Female Flabanators

Male bodybuilders are gym junkies. But when females start gulping human growth hormones and pump up, the results are just plain frightening.

You can spot a steroid Frankenstein. The sides of the mouth grow long creases, the chin squares up, an awning 'roid brow' builds over the eye sockets resembling a gnarly neanderthal stare.

These women are gargoyles. They have done little more than pervert their natural bodies into amorphous leather creatures.

The vanity sport of female bodybuilding began around the bikini contests in the 1960s. And have since morphed into the frenetic formerly-female physiques of today. Why would women turn curves into carve-outs? Why do they hate their boobs, bumps, and bonus areas?

Female competitors must wear a two-piece costume (a bikini stretched like an exploded balloon) when competing. No 'hiking' of tops or bottoms is allowed, after all whats left to cover anyway?  It's like stretching a bikini over a a pile of wrinkled bowling balls.

Plan to pee your pants if you come face to face with one in the open. The  sardonic gaze of a hermaphroditic raw meat eater will remind you just how tiny and fragile you really are.

There is irony here, they pretend their quest is about 'nutrition' and health. Ignore the cancers, ligament tears, bruises, hernias, crushed veins, and blood clots. Focus instead on a contorted lump of unrecognizable muscle mass with no practical purpose whats-so-ever.

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