Zimmerman Has Trayvon's School Records

The Zimmerman/Martin case is a pivotal event in the era of 'racism reversed'.  History will track what happens to George Zimmerman because he is a victim of the race card.

Playing the race card is an idiomatic phrase that refers to exploitation of either racist or anti-racist attitudes by accusing others of racism. In other words the race card is how Obama got elected the first time and how Obama and his ilk defend their extreme policies right up to this minute.

And Zimmerman is caught in the center of that web of double-standard and vigilantism.  Especially from black race-hustlers like Al Sharpton.

It's ironic. White supremecy did the exact same thing back in the day. When white's controlled the political power in the south white killers rarely  got convicted of any violent crime against a black.  Though the GOP freed the slaves the Democrats have managed to coopt that legacy and make it their own.

The pendulum has swung sideways. The growing hard evidence seems to support Zimmerman's side of the story. The thug Trayvon Martin was indeed a thug who tackled Zimmerman from behind, beat him on the ground and tried to grab Zimmerman's gun.

Today Zimmerman's defense team has gotten Travon Martin's school records. Who was Travon Martin? Was there a behavior pattern that points to a volent, race-hater Martin?

Unill now the race carders have tried in vain to characterize Zimmerman as a 'white' racist monster with a proclivity to violence himself. But none of that has proven to be correct. So now it's Trayvon's turn.

Will justice prevail?  Or will the jury get nullified in the same way the KKK trials did in the 60's?