Electric Cars Pollute More Than Gas Cars

Counter intuitive? Some kind of trick? Anti-green plot?

A study in 34 Chinese cities found the electricity generated by power plants to drive electric vehicles POLLUTES MORE fine particle emissions than gas-powered vehicles collectively regurgitate.

The study was done in China because e-cars and e-bikes outnumber conventional vehicles 2:1.

In China, 85% of electricity is from fossil fuels Of that 90% from coal. In the USA 57% of electricity comes from coal, another 12% from oil fired plants.

Obama's new budget hikes GM Volt subsidies from $7,500 to $10,000 per car. Only 600 Volts sold in January, the car is an abysmal failure.  Hey Barry, heard of Rube Goldberg?

The takeaway? Electric cars are a horrible value and climate proposition. The cars have a poor range, lack of torque, and long charge times. They will not sell on their own, and must be subsidized. And now they are found to pollute more than gas cars. Pay the man!

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