Sizzling Sex Seekers Traced To Tofu

Aphrodisiac peddlers have been plying trade since Homo Erectus walked the planet.  Tiny little rock-like fertility figurines have been unearthed dating back 40,000 years.

People love to be lascivious.  So who is bumping uglies and taking the skin boat to tuna town the most?

Vegetarian tofu eaters.  The culprit compounds are phytoestrogens concentrated in plants.

Researchers studied a large group of male red colobus monkeys feasting on Millettia dura, a tropical tree containing estrogen-like compounds.  These compounds are also found in soy (tofu).

The higher their levels of estradiol, the 'sex hormone' the hornier the monkeys got.  In fact the effect was so pronounced the prattling primates were mounting females day and night forgoing food foraging and predator policing.

The theory rises from vegan diets containing less fat, providing more energy, and compiling more of the carnal compounds producing a kind of carrot-crunching coital clod.