Zimmerman Protests Rife With $225 Nike Shoes

The assholes acting out in the streets over the Zimmerman verdict are the same people who stand all night in a mall line to buy hyper-priced Nike shoes, then seconds before doors open, trample each other get a pair..

The Footlocker in the Valley Mall near Hagerstown, MD had stocked a mere 90 pairs of Nike's Foamposite - a $225 gem from Nike. A minute after the store opened the cops were on scene - the chaos crazy.

Nike shoes are prized by a particular socio-economic class that can't afford them. Yet they scrounge the bucks, line-up for days, and get pepper-sprayed diving over and punching their way to the few pair stocking shelves on opening day.

Maybe Zimmerman was profiling Trayvon's LeBron X Ext ‘Black Nubuck’ Nikes. Did Sharpton say so yet?

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