Russian Drop Boxes Dump Unwanted Kids

Human life is pretty cheap - at least to some. Disposing of kids is all the rage worldwide now. But the South Africans and Russians have taken it to a new level of cold hearted 'practicality'.

Agreed, aborting a child is the ultimate disdain for life. The argument always centers on whether the fetus is a kid, or just a lump of amorphous tissue parasitic on the host carrier mother. Either way, no one can question that once a kid is born, and in diapers, they have achieved full blown human-hood. So now what?

The Russians are apparently tired of 'mothers' dumping unwanted kids into trash bins, or along the side of the road, or even left on counter tops in public restrooms. After all, this is too inhumane - the answer?

The Krasnodar Territory in south Russia bought five 'baby drop boxes' so mothers could drop off unwanted children anonymously. The first baby girl has already arrived and been passed to the proper care facility.  South Africa, where anonymous 'baby safes' were introduced by a children's charity seems to be the pioneer in the new sport.  The Russians say they got the idea from South Africa.

My answer is forced sterilization.  Identifying serial aborters and errant parents and sterilizing them has to be less barbaric than these screwball tactics. Why not face it, this is going to get worse. As long as there are fertile males and females wild on the planet whose sociopathic brutality allows them to spit out kids like a waste product these abuses will persist. Ignoring them, and even catering to them cannot be seen as more 'humane'.

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