Top 5 Ways Public Schools Are Failing

US per student spending is higher than any other country, doubling in the last 15 years alone. Yet, US public schools are failing.

Finger pointing flies. Unions blame parents and taxpayers. Taxpayers blame administrators, teachers, and politicians. Parents blame politicians, administrators, and unions.

Meantime, kids in these schools are being damaged for life.

Here are the grim facts - remember, spending is higher in the US, yet public schools are turning out illiterate, even angry students who test well below the median as compared to other countries.
  • Over 66% of U.S. 4th graders NOT proficient in reading, math, science
  • Over 50% of low income students NOT proficient in science, reading, history
  • U.S. 8th graders ranked 19th out of 38 countries in math, science
  • U.S. 12th graders ranked 18th out of 21 countries in math, science 
  • Over 50% of black males do not graduate from high school and are functional illiterates
Unions are the culprit. The monopoly unions wield over public schools sets up low quality at greater expense.  Unions are not accountable to anyone, and show disdain for parents and taxpayers routinely.

Tenure and union bullying ensure a high level of dysfunction as seniority is favored over competency. Incompetent teachers are nearly impossible to fire given the ferocious and costly protection unions provide.

Breaking union power over schools can only come after breaking the cycle of corruption between the unions and the Democrats.

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