Jimmy Hoffa Buried In Concrete At GM HQ

Forty years after Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa vanished, his driver says he knows who killed him – and where he is buried.

Marvin Elkind said Hoffa was killed by a mob enforcer and buried in the foundation of the General Motors’ HQ in Detroit, Michigan.

‘It was his own people who did it,’ Mr Elkind said. Hoffa disappeared on the way to a meeting with mobsters, Anthony Giacalone and Tony Jack – real name Anthony Provenzano.

Elkind said Tony Jack and a group of men were walking past the GM HQ Renaissance Center when Tony Jack cracked ‘Say good morning to Jimmy Hoffa, boys’, pointing at the complex just completed.

Oddly poetic that Hoffa, the notorious, corrupt, Kennedy hating, wild-tempered head of the Teamsters union would literally be part of GM's HQ foundation concrete. The company after all was resurrected by Obama on behalf of the UAW.

GM is Hoffa's mob mausoleum crypt - perfect!

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