Cha-Cha Chasers Welcome Clap-Off Bra

Designer Randy Sarafan's obsessed with breasts and found a way to them without asking permission.

Randy came up with a battery-powered bra clasp that uses an electromagnetic switch activated by a hand-clapping noise.

Clap once and the girls burst out - free. No joke.

Randy's product unleashes the pointer-sisters the same way 'The Clapper' turns on a light.  The one small catch is anyone clapping their hands undoes the hooter holster too,  so there's that.

Ironically, Randy says he got the idea from products made in Syria for Islamic women.  And defends the obvious boon to boob-men by changing the conversation to arthritis sufferers and parapalegics.

But who's Randy kidding? Men will be applauding. And women will be rushing for a restroom everywhere.

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