Lesbians Battle Over Who's Mommy

A pair of lesbians locked labia in a child custody battle. 

One donated the egg, the other had the egg fertilized, implanted and did the surrogate mommy dealie.  So when the two females who jointly made the kid wanted to go their own way both laid claim as 'mom.'

‘This is a unique case and the appellate courts in Florida have never before considered a case quite like it,’ said a ruling by the 5th District Court of Appeal that gave parenting rights to both women.

The couple, both cops, thought they had the perfect relationship. Why not go for a kid after 11 years sharing one another's muff?

The egg-surrogate menagerie was planned and executed and the pregnancy proceeded in a 'healthy' way. They named their daughter hyphenating both their first names and we guess a hyphenated combination of their last names? We don't really want to know.

Solomon would have done the right thing, he would have kicked them both out of the palace. As the world nears middle age it's clearly getting closer to fulfilling the 2nd law of thermodynamics - entropy forces all of matter and energy to simply 'wind out.'