Grannie: 'Man In Pointy Hat' Gave Her Pot Seeds

A Pennsylvania grandma says she didn't know the four-foot tall robust pot plants in her yard were marijuana.

A Fayette County jury cleared 67-year-old Alberta Kelley of drug possession and manufacture charges. The jury believed the elderly Cannabis cultivator when she said a 'strange bearded man with a pointy hat' handed her the seeds she planted next to her tomato plants.

The cops arrested the matron of marijuana when they got a tip the woman had a grove of grass in her yard.  But soon after the elderly dope darling feigned ignorance in court, she was let go.

The thing that bugs the Angle about this one is the 'man with the pointy hat' part.  It smacks of  similitude of Gandalf doesn't it? And if Gandalf visited the old woman and supplied her with marijuana seeds, shouldn't the cops be conducting a man-hunt in middle-earth right now?

Someone and something stinks in Fayette County folks..