Screaming Foul-Mouthed Mom Tasered At Mall

The video is viral.  The 'event' taped by the security guard  himself.

A large black woman with several kids in tow was told to leave a store where she had violated store policy.  After first walking out the door and screaming obscenities she returned and pummeled the guard with hand blows.  That's when she got her ass tasered and dropped like sack of shit thrown off a dock.

Her out-of-control kids who seconds earlier where mimicking her raving stream of foul language and verbal assaults started to scream in horror.

The video doesn't show the color of the security guard.  Today it's revealed he is indeed a black man himself.  The reaction by blacks to the video is the same as toward George Zimmerman.

We don't see Al Sharpton wading in yet, but give it time.  We are in the middle of a black fascist era folks and some blacks think the rules no longer apply to them.  After all, they got Obama for two terms. So  the presidency and the malls BELONG to them, right?  Wrong.

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