Gandhi Was Gay?

Stealing from the dead to indulge in name dropping and worse is below contempt.

The homosexual version of the dastardly deed is to 'out' famous deceased presumably to claim their legacies as their own.  Of course just saying it's so and offering the usual tattering of circumstantial even conspiratorial 'evidence' proves nothing.  But that doesn't stop the marauding maligners.

Gays try to claim Abe Lincoln, Leanardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo (who had a daughter by the way), Jean Cocteau (well maybe he was), Sir John Gielgud, Sir Michael Redgrave (who also had kids), Raymond Burr (Perry Mason), Errol Flynn (the guy with the sword), Mozart and Leonard Bernstein.  Few, it seems, are to be left out.

Even Barak Obama and John Travolta are under the gay gun.

Now the gay grabbers are going after frail crusader Gandhi.  The alleged 'affair' between a South African bodybuilder Hermann Kallenbach and Mahatma took place when the father of modern India moved with his wife and two sons to South Africa in 1893.  True. Mahatma did become friends with Hermann. But Mahatma was already married with children, and even had two more sons before leaving South Africa.

Why do gay-slingers have hard-ons for Gandhi?  A recently released letter found among his private papers were signed ‘My dear Lower House’ and signed ‘Sinly yours, Upper House’.  After 65-years this is the best they got?

Even if one could prove half of history's shakers and movers were also packing fudge, so what?  Gays can be macho too - there we admit it, now let's move on.

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