Study: Women Waste Medical Services

Women will seek medical help for the tiniest of ailments. And suck medical resources like a welfare dreg on food stamps.

Now we know why.  Women get sick more often, more seriously, and for longer periods than men.

Davide Malmusi, at Public Health Agency of Barcelona, found women reported health problems often and suffered from a higher rate of chronic diseases.

The study cited 38.8% of women described their health as 'poor' or 'very poor' with 25.7% complaining that a chronic condition restricted their lives. Just 27% of men felt the same way.

Women also get arthritis, mental disorders and back problems at a far higher rate to boot.

Why care? Since women use the medical system more, women should pay more for medical services.  Why should men bear the burden of paying a higher rate for insurance? Just a thought on a slow Monday news day.