Black Punches White For Saying 'N' Word

First the question.  Does anyone have a right to punch another based on what they say

An alleged drunken former Goldman Sachs employee was critically injured when coldcocked and nearly killed after allegedly uttering racist remarks at a black couple sitting outside a cafe in New York City.

After falling into the table the drunken idiot got up and said: 'You niggers are why I lost my job.'

That's when Dennis Reddish, 25, punched the drunk so hard he fell straight back and smashed his head on the sidewalk. ‘He was out cold. I thought he was dead,’ cafe employee Robert Garcia said. Reddish looked down and saw the man bleeding from the back of his skull and took off on foot - he was later caught and arrested.

The unconscious big mouth was taken to Beth Israel Medical Center, where he is listed in critical condition. So, did the drunken idiot deserve to be nearly killed for saying 'nigger?'   Think carefully before answering.