Ebonics Gets Cab Driver Shot

The shootah left jumped into Raphael Martinez's cab at 5AM last night and stuck a stolen handgun in his back.

The hooded scum started to yell at Raphael in a babble of incoherent Ebonics.  Raphael tried to comply but what-the-fuck was the idiot saying?  So the gangstah shot him five times anyway.

The wounded, married father of three stumbled outside the cab and as he was falling to the ground the coward shot him again - point blank.

Raphael's brother Julian Martinez said: 'My brother was saying, ‘Wait! I don’t understand you!’ and [the perp] just started shooting. He didn’t give him time, he just shot him. All he had was $8.'

What did you say about a race war Louis Farrakhan?

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