Grandma Strip Searched, Cut By TSA

When is enough, enough?  TSA is harassing the public, not protecting it.

Witness yet another outrageous incident involving an elderly air traveler and TSA.

Lenore Zimmerman, an 84-year-old Long Island grandmother, says she was injured and humiliated during a strip search at Kennedy Airport.

The elderly Zimmerman was on her way to a flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when TSA forced her to strip down to her underwear. TSA says it was needed due to her defibrillator. What?

'I walk with a walker- I really look like a terrorist,' she said sarcastically, 'I'm tiny. I weigh 110 pounds- 107 without clothes- and I was strip-searched,' she continued.

In the past she was patted down by a female TSA officials, somehow this time was different.

The ordeal begins when Ms. Zimmerman was escorted to a private room where two female officers started removing her clothes. Agents yanked away her metal walker, banging her shin, cutting the grandma. 'My sock was soaked with blood. I was bleeding like a pig,' she said.

Ms. Zimmerman takes blood thinners, so even a small cut can be life-threatening. Paramedics were called to aid her at that point. Video footage of the incident shows a cold, uncaring molestation by TSA personnel, methodically stripping the old woman, and casually tending to cuts they caused.

TSA's response? 'Our screening procedures are conducted in a manner designed to treat all passengers with dignity, respect, and courtesy'.  At what point will the public demand an end to this madness, after all, it has been 10 years!

The question that begs an answer is - how is an 85 year-old invalid a terror suspect?

No one is watching the store, especially not the vacationing Obama, or the lumbering, incompetent Janet Napolitano.  The flying public needs protection from the protectors!

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