Scrabble Player Demands Opponent Strip-Search

The World Scrabble Championships began to come unraveled when a furious Chollapat Itthi-Aree, from Thailand, demanded officials take Ed Martin, from London, to the toilet and search him for a missing letter 'G'.

Judges at the tournament in Warsaw, Poland, disagreed with Chollapat, refused to carry out the search, enabling Ed, 35, to go on to win the game by one point.

The first prize was eventually won by 44-year-old New Zealander Nigel Richards, add the word 'omnified' for a 96 score in the final game.  Nigel later describing his victory as 'nice' seemed nearly comatose collecting the $20K prize money.

The word 'nice' would have been a loser, scoring around 7 on the final board. The crafty Nigel kept omnified for the game, and nice for the victory speech. Side note. omnified means 'enlarged', and nice means, well it means 'nice'.

The intensity of scrabble is an undisputed fact of life, folks, don't mess with it.