NBC - Nearly Bankrupt Company

Comcast bought the dying network, NBC, from GE in December, 2009.  Since then, NBC has continued its decline, down another 9.3% for the current fall ratings period compared to a year ago.

NBC's 18-to-49-year-old audience is 2.2 million—down 16% from last year. That demographic is the audience group most valued by advertisers.

NBC is declining in every age group, and in every way - from entertainment, to news.

Comcast is said to have wanted the beast for its cable business, in this market, FoxNews owns the field, and grew by 11% while NBC continued its decline.

One person familiar with the Comcast turnaround strategy said: "It's even less pretty than we had thought it would be."

NBC and its hellish offspring MSNBC are largely responsible for the ascension of Obama.

Once a proud, unbiased news outlet, the network has been infested with operatives from the left-wing who have destroyed the giant in a few short years.  Viewers have been given two alternatives to the propaganda NBC spews, the Web, and FoxNews.  The downfall is well deserved.