Bully Joe Biden Attacks Reporter

Jason Mattera, reporting for Human Events shook Biden’s hand and asked him to pose for a photo. While shaking Biden’s hand, Mattera asked him if he felt “regret using a rape reference to describe Republican opposition to the president’s bill.”

Biden froze - “I didn’t use — no, no, no,” Biden said in a fight or flight panic, furrowing his brow and shaking his finger at the reporter. “What I said — let’s get it straight, guy, don’t screw around with me. Let’s get it straight.
“I said rape was up three times in Flint, [Mich.]. There are the numbers. Go look at the numbers. Murder’s up, rape is up and burglary’s up. That’s exactly what I said,” Biden added.

The Washington Post’s fact-checker ripped Biden’s claims over the weekend, giving the vice president “four Pinocchios” and writing that he “should know better than to spout off half-baked facts in service of a dubious argument.”  Why?  Oh yea, because bully Joe is making it up again, playing the politics of scare tactics, and becoming agitated by a reporter who nailed him in his game.

Does this smell like Biden is displaying a histrionic imbalance?   Biden is trying to ruin the reporter and get his credentials yanked - it seems bully Joe can only dish it out, but can't take it.