O Canada - Time To Pay To Play In The USA

The recently passed trade agreement with Columbia requires a $5.50 travel tax on Canadians who fly or sail to the US.

National public radio reports that about seven million Canadians travel to the United States by air or sea every year, meaning the tax would rake in about $100 million annually.  Now we are getting somewhere.

Canadian newspapers are up in arms over the proposed change.  Tough.

Canada owes the US a lot more than a travel tax   For over a century Canada has enjoyed the geographical advantage of being just to the north of the US. Canada has had the luxury to toy with social programs, and complain about their neighbor to the south with impunity, comforted by the sacrifice and cost of the US military, and being the beneficiary of being the worlds largest economies biggest trading partner.

Canada flourishes thanks entirely to the US.  So please, quit whining, the bill is way overdue.