ACLU Battles Schools Blocking Gay Websites

The ACLU sent threats to school districts with Internet filters blocking gay websites warning their efforts are unconstitutional and must be removed to “avoid any potential litigation.”

Gay rights groups say school systems ban gay-related websites on school computers.  Schools say they're trying to stop children from being exposed to sexually explicit material.

“There is no legitimate reason why any public school should be using an anti-LGBT filter,” said Joshua Block, staff attorney for ACLU Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Project.

David Cortman, a lawyer defending school districts says, “school districts shouldn’t be bullied into exposing students to sexually explicit materials.”

A Missouri school district that refused to lift its customized “sexuality” filter was sued in federal court this month by the ACLU and four gay advocacy organizations.

If you're wondering what students could be exposed to, just Google "gay"....go ahead, see if you've got the stomach to view those websites.