Two Products To Tame Two Year Olds

Age two is a terrible age for all kids.  You don't need a child psychology degree to know something extra-haywire goes wrong when kids hit the the 'terrible twos.'

The explanation lies somewhere in human evolution where the infant wants/demands to cut the invisible umbilical chord and strike out to hunt and gather on their own.  Fine.

Since there's nothing to hunt or gather except crud from around the house the kid drives parents  half-bat-shit crazy trying to keep the little terrors from eating the dog's kibble or making a paint-thinner cocktail.

A company in Brazil has just the answer for home and at the mall or God-help you if you take your toddler into a toy store.

The 'Baby Trap Chair' is a high chair with wrist and ankle manacles branded as 'The end of suffering at meal times'.

The 'Happy Heavy Ball' is small ball and chain for the ankle, painted bright orange and with a smiley face billed as the little dungeon device that promises,  'No more running around the house'.

And for those extra tough cases the 'Lovely Straight Jacket' made for both boys and girls, offers to 'keep your children's hands away from crap they don't belong near'.

No doubt these things will find disfavor among liberal parents who are unable to control their kids and have no intention of ever doing so.

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