California On Path To Perdition

Did you think California was in bad shape before the election?  Zowie zombie zoo-zoo El Segundo.  You ain't seen nothing yet, baby.

The goofy California voters managed to put the Democrats into super majority stranglehold clutching the throat of a dying State.  This, one election cycle putting Jerry Brown back into power.  Now the perfect storm has been brewed.

Taxmageddon as it's affectionately called is in full flooding force pooping out two massive income tax hikes in two years, pervasive sales tax hikes, and taxation levied on internet purchases.

The State's self-flagellation is leading to a wealth drain.  So rumors are percolating the Democrats with their fascist powers will pinch off anyone thinking to get out easily by taxing their assets too.

Brown has more power than God now in California - a State filled with more liberal seculars than Stalin's Russia.

The son of Jerry is the head of the State Senate - Darrell Steinberg.  And this guy is a known socialist goon who hates the initiative process that brought the tax-limiting Prop 13 back in the 1970s.

Steinberg wants stop the voters from undoing what he has planned.  No doubt Darrell knows he is gonna go after Prop 13.  And Darrell no doubt wants to stop anyone from taking their toys with them when they try to leave the place.

The California meltdown is as bad as it gets.  Brown wants the whole country to take the same dump Sacramento is taking on it's residents.  The plan is to the put kibosh on anyone trying to retain a semblance of meager savings and/or dwindling assets.

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