Zurich's Drive-Thru Brothels Are Born

Voters in Zurich approved a measure aimed to confine what patrons and prostitutes are already doing openly on public streets.

Resembling a car wash vacuuming stations. Sturdy stalls will be erected on the edge of Zurich to keep 'the act' a little more private. Prostitutes will be assigned and queued ready to serve the auto-erotic customer on a first-in-first-out basis.

Germany, always in the forefront of the foreskin trades have these things setup around Berlin. 

The drive-in brothels may leave them limp however.  The 'danger' and 'risk' element is as much a part of the 'act' as anything that happens in the alley once the tawdry transaction terminates.

Limiting the lechers to sanctioned and sanitary bawdy stalls will suck the soiree out of sex. And the pimps are predictably pissed too.

But the prostitutes probably don't care.  All of this is not for them, it's for the prurient populace who want to feel a little more pompous and protected.  Right?