Baker Refuses To Bake Lesbian Wedding Cake

Many 1960s hipster-doofuses who wandered out of Haight-Asbury after acid was made illegal went to make their own in Oregon.  Now the doofuses are cleaned up, wearing suits, and running both states into the ground.

Owner of Sweet Cakes in Greesham, OR takes the bible literally and so has a problem with 'fornicator'  lesbian couples ordering wedding cake products in his bakery.

The Oregon Equality Act 2007 outlaws discrimination by an individual or a business against people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.  Remember, this is not about hiring someone, it's about serving them a product.

Owner Aaron Klein told the love-struck lesbian couple he won't make them a wedding cake because 'They are abomination unto the Lord.'.

So now Oregon Attorney General's civil enforcement office (Oregon gestapo) is gonna climb on Aaron's ass.

Advise to Aaron over at Sweet Cakes - get your cookie sheets out of Oregon and move to a more 'progressive' state that respects the rights of business and religious views.  Oh yea, Gay marriage is illegal in Oregon so why are these two muff-divers trying to buy wedding cakes in the first place?

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