Neanderthal's Were Mostly Right-Handed

The trait of right-handedness is commonly believed to be a sign of the development of another uniquely human trait — language.  No animals other than humans show such a bias toward right-handedness.

Given the findings, it does appear Neanderthals were chatty.

Obama is left-handed, this may indicate why Obama stumbles when speaking ad hoc. Other left-handed presidents: Hoover, Ford, and Clinton.  Reagan was Ambidextrous.  Bush, on the other hand, was right-handed.

Bush was the only president to have a Harvard MBA. Arrogant left-wing academics love to toy with the contestable; Obama is intelligent, Bush is dumb canard.  Odd how Bush continues to impress, even after his presidency.

Does Obama need to be dumb in order to lose his office?  Of course not, but his track record does bring into question all those that once lauded Obama as special (before he even took office), even unique among the presidents.  In fact, the truth is much plainer...

Obama has not proven he is intelligent, capable, or even just plain competent - these are the facts upon which Obama will be judged in 2012, not some fantasy plan cooked up by left-wing troglodytes.