Obama's Tornadoes - Katrina?

Recall George Bush sustained years of ridicule and blame for hurricane Katrina, not the whole hurricane, just the part that hit New Orleans.  At least three other states sustained the same level of disaster, yet nary a peep was heard from them - states run by GOP governors incidentally.

Some are comparing the tornado destruction on the same level as Katrina. The press piled on BP and not Obama for the oil spill mismanagement, will they fault Obama for FEMA's response time to the tornadoes?

As with Katrina, FEMA is late to the party, why?  As Janet Napolitano indicated today, FEMA is not a first responder, and it can do nothing unless local authorities "ask" for help.  If true, then we finally understand the patent unjust vitriol George Bush received.

Gov. Kathleen Blanco failed to ask for help, we later found out that, in fact, Bush tried in vain to get her attention, actually called and reminded Ms. Blanco of that fact, that she must ask for help before FEMA can go to work. Gov. Blanco of Mississippi was later ejected from office due largely to her mismanagement of the disaster.

Mayor Ray Naggin was also a fun guy to watch as Katrina ripped his city apart.  Naggin also did not ask FEMA to step in, in fact, at one point, he was seen as incompetent for not marshaling school bus fleets to help people evacuate.

Back to the tornadoes.  Obama and Napolitano have yet to see the anger, or press attention for these disasters, why?  Remember, the press is left wing biased - if Obama were president during Katrina, instead of Bush, we would be hearing the deafening silence in the blame-game as we no doubt will see for Obama over the tornado destruction.  There is anger on the ground in the states affected, many making the same complaint the FEMA is late in coming, and has not brought relief in a noticeable way, now that the threat has passed.

Stay tuned.  Hypocrisy on this scale is especially irritating to watch.