Usama Bin Laden Dead - Pakistan Protected Him

Who better to summarize the events leading to this day, Donald Rumsfield notes “It’s a good signal that the United States, thanks to George W. Bush’s administration, put in place some structures that put pressure on terrorists and led to this event...”.

Now that the US Military has once again triumphed, consistently proving they are the best in the world, we need hard answers from Pakistan.  And Obama, who gets no credit for simply allowing the military to do its job, needs to push for the answers.

Bin Laden was hiding in plain sight.  The U.S. special forces operation that killed Bin Laden took place at a mansion in the town of Abbottabad, just over 62 miles from the Pakistan capital Islamabad.

The death of Bin Laden comes at a time when relations between the U.S. and Pakistan are strained with Pakistani officials angered by U.S. drone strikes, and US Military forces staging raids in the country.  Who cares...  Pakistan receives billions from the US, and in return, it tacitly allows these actions, though complains often publicly about them.

The whole middle east is either stabilizing nicely, or turning into a fortress for Al Qaeda.  Saudi Arabia has publicly denounced Obama for cheerleading the ousting of Mubarak in Egypt.  Pakistan's ISI created the Taliban, and given the years they protected Bin Laden, cannot be trusted as the war continues.

The death of Bin Laden is not an end in the war on terror (a phrase, recall, Obama suppresses).  But, it is nice to get some pay-back after 911, symbolically, it is the biggest prize yet.