Left-Wing Haters Everywhere

The four groups that 'regressives' hate the most are conservative women, minorities, religions, and the Tea Party.

Attacks on Michael Steele (infamous blackface Photoshop), Clarence Thomas, and Michele Malkin are proof.

Certainly the irrational tirades and false accusation against Sarah Palin (Arizona Shootings), the Tea Party (racist charges), the Mormon Church, and Israel are other prime examples.

Liberals claim to support tolerance but use hate speech instead.

Al Gore mocked kids with Downs Syndrome by referring to his political critics as having “an extra chromosome.”

In 2007, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow revealed his cancer had returned. Commentators on the left-wing Daily Kos website seemed over-joyed, “the world would be better off without him”

Hillary Clinton referred to a subordinate as a “Jew bastard”.

Obama has fueled racial and ethnic tension among partisans urging them to “punish our enemies and reward our friends.”

Louis Farrakhan speaking at a mosque in Egypt,  'They (Jews) stole land in Palestine… And this Synagogue of Satan knows that the end of their time of rule is up. The jig is up.'