Donald Duck On Defensive

In the age of Obama racism is said the be prevalent, pervading and omnipotent.  But only for not blacks.

When you hear or see a liberal chirp racism substitute the word 'Juden' and you have the exact historical parallel.  And the racism boogey-man is unrelenting.

A second black family in a week has accused a cartoon character at Disneyland of snubbing their kids allegedly due to racism.

Mother Nastasia White said her son, Razzi was ignored by Donald Duck. Donald, Nastasia insists turned to hug a 'white' baby in a stroller rather than pay attention to her kid.

Asked if she was being hyper-sensitive Nastasia got louder, 'I didn't because it was done in a blatant and ugly way.'

The Disney folks did give the White's the benefit of the doubt bestowing free passes to cover any future visit. But the crusading mom wants more, much more. The White's got themselves a lawyer suing Disneyland for their presumed racist trauma.

Jesse Jackson said today he 'feels the pain' of the cop killer in LA. Oh yea, the cop killer is a black guy. Look for Obama, Holder and Sharpton to demonize Disney now, the same way they and the libbie press went after George Zimmerman.

After all, Herr Obama can't let the Jews bigots get away with it now can he.