Harry Reid Fingers Nevada Brothels

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, urging Nevada to have an "adult conversation about an adult subject," called on Nevada to abolish legalized prostitution. 

Brothel owner Dennis Hof was present during the speech with "10 hookers in the front row."  All of whom would lose their jobs.

Nevada faces the nations steepest budget shortfall as a percentage of the entire budget, $3.1 Billion in a budget that is just over $6 Billion in size.  Nevada also has the nations worst jobless rate, over 12.8%.

What is going on with Harry and the other Democrats?  The one tax resource that is not in decline in Nevada, and Reid is going after it?   Reid is also the main detractor of Yucca Mountain in Nevada, a massive new income source the state must ignore due to Harry and Obama's ignorance on the subject.

Harry, aren't you supposed to be dreaming up ways to SUPPORT the state you hail from, and not target new ways to cripple it?    Just asking...