Democrats Throw Tantrum In Wisconsin and Indiana

Unions are finally facing a little of the economy they helped to crash when they voted in Democrats who pushed their "Affordable Housing For The Poor" agenda at Fannie Mae leading to the Housing Crash of 2007..

The voters are learning the hard way how the Unions have been extorting from them over the years, now its payback time.

Legislatures in Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey, and now Indiana are readying a serious vote on massive budget shortfalls, and massive Union pension liabilities in their states.

Wait a minute...we forgot about the childish Democrats that survived the worst mid-term drubbing in American History - want to play run and hide to avoid a Quorum.

Adult Democrats doing their duty?  What a laugh.  The Democrats can't win at the polls, so the few that remain are running to other states, like the time you hid under the porch to stave off a spanking.

Well, this is not about a spanking, its about the adult task of correcting the excesses of the Union sweetheart deals Democrats themselves gave to the SEIU, AFCME, AFT, and Teamsters over the years.

We invite the Democrats, the Unions and their members to grow up, get back to work.  Play-time is over.