Obama Government Shutdown

Obama and his co-conspirator Democrats are spending, spending, spending...now they want to shutdown the entire government rather than stop spending.

With Democrats and Republicans at a stalemate, cuts versus spending, just one week shy of the deadline the usual suspects Harry Reid, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuckie Shummer are betting once again against you, the American People.

The five-day government stoppage in 1995 caused delays in processing of Social Security, Medicare and veterans' checks.  Bill Clinton at that time pitted threats and spread fear on Social Security cuts to shift the blame for the shutdown to the GOP.  

The Democrats of today are betting that same bet, but its different this time.  Voters know that the Democrats record spending spree has resulted in a complete meltdown of the entire government, and Social Security along with it.

The Democrats failed to pass a budget for the current fiscal year, the GOP has met their campaign pledge to cut spending, it is up to the Democrats to do what the people demand. 

Is anyone else tired of the Democrats, Obama and their manipulation?  Sign Cut Spending Petition Here.

May the Democrats suffer the consequences of their shutdown in 2012.