CES: Deadly Sniper Rifle For The Home

Oh man just when you thought the Biden-Feinstein gun grab was going gangbusters along comes a serious PGF (Precision Guided Firearm) that can turn your mom into a Marine Scout Sniper in two trigger pulls.

TrackingPoint is at CES showing off the $17,000 XS-2.  The 'weapons ecosystem' as the company president explains requires a combination of rifle, scope, ammunition, and software to make a lethal killing device accurate to a full mile with ZERO training.

The shooter 'acquires' the target by 'painting' the intended kill with a laser 'tag' using their proprietary high-tech scope.  Once the shooter has the electronic cross-hair lined up the 'system' computes humidity, wind and ballistic drop unlocking the trigger.  At that range the target is hit before the sound of the shot arrives.

An iPad can communicate with the system via Wi-Fi providing a larger display of the scenario. This allows a spotter to help out. The whole firing episode can then be uploaded onto YouTube so the rest of us can see mom's handiwork.

If you're still waiting around to get your gun you'd better hustle.  The gun dealers are refusing to take back-orders and all their walls and shelves are empty now.  The irony of course is the anti-gun goons have made millions of new NRA members and stiffened the resolve of those ready to defend their constitutional rights.

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